Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Knee Brace

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Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3在骨關節炎的情況下穩定和舒緩膝關節疼痛;而且GenuTrain系列中最適合老年人使用,因為它壓力較細,易於穿戴,穿著後不會感覺束縛!OA STAGE 1


Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3簡介及特點:
– 內置特殊造型軟膠墊圈加強穩定
– 軟墊小按摩粒具加壓及按摩效果
– 兩側軟條支撐及穩定關節活動
– 內側附有矽膠邊條防止滑落

– 舒緩膝部腫脹或疼痛
– 為肌肉和關節提供有針對性的壓力按摩

類風濕性關節炎. 膝蓋關節炎、各種膝蓋或髕骨錯位等引起的不適. 膝蓋重建手術後, 提供膝部穩定

**GenuTrain A3是GenuTrain系列中最適合老年人使用,因為它壓力較細,易於穿戴,穿著後不會感覺束縛!

GenuTrain A3
〔Relief for osteoarthritis of the knee〕
In cases of osteoarthritis, it is important to manage pain while also mobilizing the knee. Here, the GenuTrain A3 has proven to be a valuable aid. With a star-shaped functional cushion, it provides targeted stimulation to the stabilizing muscles around the knee and kneecap. Specially nubbed zones relieve pain in the typical pain area, the inner side of the knee.

〔Fit again fast〕
Debilitated patients will particularly appreciate the expansion zone in the calf area, as it makes the GenuTrain A3 even easier to put on. With each movement, the special osteoarthritis support exerts a medically effective intermittent compression massage.

In addition to relieving pain, it also activates the leg muscles and improves their coordination. This protects the knee even during movement. There is no reason not to start physiotherapy and cautious training. After all, even in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee joint, being active is key to good health!


  • Irritative conditions, especially gonarthrosis (also the onset of ligamentosis, tendomyopathy, posttraumatic and postoperative)
  • Knee pain with functional instability due to general muscular disbalance
  • Patellar lateralization
  • Jumper’s Knee



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