Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace (Black Color)

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Bauerfeind GenuTrain 可幫助您恢復對膝蓋的信心,從而繼續進行運動。它通過按摩和按壓來減輕您的疼痛并促進活動能力。這樣做可以激活腿部肌肉並改善協調性。同時促進新陳代謝、消腫、加速康復。


[Highly effective for healthy knees]
After an acute injury or surgery, chronic abnormalities, osteoarthritis or instability in the knee: the GenuTrain relieves pain and promotes movement through intermittent compression massage. This puts you on the right track towards natural movement.

The ring-shaped Omega+ Pad functional cushion securely holds the kneecap in place and reduces edema and swelling. Integrated massage points with specially flexible silicone nubs target particularly painful areas. Two flexible plastic stays on the side ensure that the GenuTrain always fits perfectly. At the top and bottom, integrated grips make it easier to put on and take off the support.

[Fit again fast]
Your body needs to learn how to move naturally again as quickly as possible and avoid incorrect postures adopted to help relieve pain. The Train knit fabric repeatedly stimulates the skin, which promotes movement perception, activates the muscles and stabilizes the joint.

Two massage points called meniscus wings on the sides of the knee provide a targeted pain-relieving effect around the joint space and the menisci. Two additional massage points, the Hoffa spots, stimulate the infrapatellar fat pad with controlled pressure. This has a significant metabolic function and promotes the self-healing process in the knee.

The GenuTrain allows physiotherapy and gentle training to be started at an earlier stage. This enables your knee to recover thanks to active movement. After all, you know that being active is key to good health!


  • Irritation (tendomyopathy, ligament insertion degeneration, meniscopathy, osteoarthritis, arthritis, post-traumatic and post-operative)
  • Recurrent joint effusions
  • Feeling of instability
  • Knee strains or sprains
  • Recurrent knee pain
  • Pre and post-operative knee swelling and inflammation
  • Adolescent knee pain
  • Osgood-Schlatter´s disease
  • Degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis)

[Terms and Conditions]
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[Instruction for Use]

– 環形的Omega Pad功能墊可將膝蓋骨牢牢固定
– 膝後之柔軟編織,更透氣舒適
– 兩側軟條支撐及穩定關節活動
– 軟條上端環圈設計,使穿著更容易

– 舒緩膝部腫脹或疼痛
– 增加膝部的穩定性
– 減輕膝蓋的壓力並減少半月板疼痛






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