Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Ankle Brace (Titan)

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Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S在日常生活中為腳踝提供輕量級支撐保護
Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Ankle support for lightweight protection during everyday life

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〔Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S 恢復您行動力的隱形幫手〕
在腳踝受傷或韌帶變弱後,您需要幫助,從而一步一步向前恢復。這就是 MalleoTrain S 提供恰到好處的支撐的地方:彈性但牢固貼合的 Train 針織面料在每次運動時都會施加間歇性壓力,從而刺激皮膚和肌肉中的傳感器。這有助於您的神經系統更有效地控制腿部肌肉。由不同彈性帶組成的系統提供了額外的穩定性,以 8 字形纏繞在腳踝上,起到膠帶繃帶的作用。


然而,最重要的是,MaleoTrain S 可以幫助您的腳踝「自救」:現在保持活躍並增強肌肉很重要。 MalleoTrain S 沒有墊子,非常貼合,甚至可以穿在窄而輕的鞋子裡。這讓您可以儘早開始物理治療和正常的日常活動。畢竟,活躍是身體健康的關鍵!


  • 外加3段式拉力固定帶,8字形綑綁以穩定關節之餘亦不失靈活度
  • 增加足部運動的穩定性


  • 此護具功能如同彈性運動貼布一樣,能支撐肌肉和舒緩痛楚,而且親和肌膚
  • 手術後或扭傷後腳踝會變得十分脆弱,護具此時可提供足夠的支撐
  • 根據個人情況自由調節綁帶,讓運動中得到穩定的支撐,並防止足外翻


  • 輕度踝關節扭傷、中度腳踝腫脹、踝關節韌帶撕裂(輕度至中等)


[Your invisible helper to regain mobility]
After an ankle injury or in case of weakened ligaments, you need help to move your recovery forward, step by step by step. This is where MalleoTrain S provides just the right kind of support: an elastic, yet firmly fitting Train knit fabric exerts intermittent pressure with every movement, thus stimulating sensors in the skin and muscles. This helps your nervous system to control your leg muscles more effectively. A system of different elastic straps provides additional stability, which is wrapped around the ankle in a figure eight to act like a tape bandage.

[Fit again fast]
Simultaneously, the intermittent compression massage described releases tension and stimulates circulation. The gentle pressure on the painful tissue alleviates the sensation of pain with its massage effect.

Most importantly, however, the MalleoTrain S helps your ankle to help itself: now it’s important that you stay active and strengthen your muscles. MalleoTrain S has no pads and fits so tightly that it will even fit in narrow, lightweight shoes. This allows you to start physiotherapy and normal everyday activities early on: after all, being active is key to good health!


  • Ligament instability
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Mild sprains
  • Supination prophylaxis, especially when playing sports

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