Bauerfeind GloboTec Junior 3/4 Insole

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Bauerfeind GloboTec Junior 3/4 Insole足部矯形器可矯正並支撐小腳扁平足足弓。足部矯形器可增加穩定性並改善姿勢,尤其是在運動期間,可為好動的孩子提供更多的穩定性。



Until the age of seven, it is, to a certain extent, natural for children to have flat feet.
However, the following symptoms, and particularly misalignment when it occurs in children over the age of seven, can damage the feet:

  • The ankles bending inward and the heels pushing outward
  • The foot arches flattening so that large areas of the feet are touching the floor
  • Knock knees
  • Shoes that have worn down at an angle
  • Pain in the feet, legs, or hips

The GloboTec Junior foot orthosis for children straightens the heel bone and corrects the position of the ankle. This also has a positive effect on the statics of the knee joint, hip joint, and spine.

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