Bauerfeind GenuPoint Knee Strap

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Bauerfeind GenuPoint可減輕膝蓋骨下方髕腱的過度緊張,有助於舒緩膝蓋前方的疼痛,並減低行動受限的明顯影響。


Bauerfeind GenuPoint可減輕膝蓋骨下方髕腱的過度緊張,有助於舒緩膝蓋前方的疼痛,並減低行動受限的明顯影響。

01 – 可根據個人需要單獨調節壓力
02 – 兩側尼龍搭扣設計,方便穿著
03 – 透氣排汗材質穿著舒適
04 – 有四點施壓凸點,可按摩膝底不適處及提改善髕骨腱受壓時功能
05 – 在衣服下幾乎看不到


  • 舒緩膝蓋下方髕腱的過度拉傷
  • 有助於舒緩膝蓋前方的疼痛,並減低行動受限的明顯影響。





Bauerfeind GenuPoint relieves the excess strain on the patellar tendon below the kneecap, helps to ease pain in the front of the knee, and counteracts the noticeable effects of restricted mobility.

[A blessing for the painful tendon of the kneecap]
The patellar tendon connects the shin bone (tibia) with the kneecap (patella). Excessive strain is especially common among athletes: this can result in irritation and pain, such as jumper’s knee. Here, GenuPoint offers targeted pain relief. The support is worn directly below the kneecap and can be individually positioned on areas with particularly intense pain. It can be tightened with a Velcro strap and adjusted on both sides. This guarantees that the support will not slip and that it will adapt to the bending of the knee.

A functional cushion with four nubbed pressure points on the front targets the area below the kneecap. The inner pressure points guide the tendon, while the outer points enhance the perception of stimuli in the surrounding area. In this way, they positively influence the knee joint’s function and enable accelerated muscle control. The combined effect of pressure and massage provides noticeable relief for the patellar tendon.

[Staying active]
The Train knit fabric fits perfectly on the leg and is pleasantly soft to wear. The support is narrow enough to give you full freedom of movement, and it won’t make you sweat more than usual even during sports. This allows you to start physiotherapy and cautious training again, even at an early stage. After all, even in cases of patella pain, being active is key to good health!


  • Tendinitis of the patellar ligament (jumper’s knee, patellar tip syndrome)
  • Chondropathy of the patella
  • Anterior knee pain

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