Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Pro Achilles Tendon Brace

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Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Pro有效穩定肌肉及肌腱,提供溫和的按摩作用,舒緩慢性跟腱痛楚,減輕刺激以及發炎症狀。如果你受到慢性跟腱痛症的困擾,讓它幫助你重拾健康生活吧。

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Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Pro


– 內置軟膠按摩墊

– 膠墊上小按摩粒具貼合於踝部後方提供保護功效,活動時提供按摩及支撐作用

– 護具同時適合左腳及右腳穿著


– 通過支撐可穩定肌肉和跟腱的剌激,並提供舒緩的按摩效果

– 膠墊的設計主要針對刺激跟腱兩旁的肌肉發力,減低小腿肌肉收縮時對跟腱的拉扯

– 膠墊亦可刺激血液循環,幫助消腫,加速復原。




Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Pro is most effective for your recovery when you move your joint. Together with a nubbed pad on both sides of the Achilles tendon, the breathable, elastic knit fabric exercises a gentle intermittent compression massage. This improves metabolism in the area and promotes the reduction of swelling. It also activates the muscles and improves coordination.

  • Alleviates persistent pain with an intensive massage effect
  • Comfortable to wear even in shoes thanks to short knit fabric in the forefoot area
  • Provides greater stability for the ankle

[Soothing pain relief for faster recovery]

Excessive strain, injuries or impaired recovery after surgery can cause irritations of the Achilles tendon. But a pump bump on the tendon insertion, known as Haglund’s deformity, can also provoke complaints in the heel area.

Here, AchilloTrain Pro can offer help. Its breathable, skin-friendly knitted fabric is highly elastic and precisely adapts to the shape of your ankle, allowing the support to follow every movement of the foot without slipping.

[Fit again fast]

A nubbed pad gently encloses the Achilles tendon from the back. It extends to the muscle-tendon junction, guides the tendon and supports its smooth movement. A groove in the center promotes the removal of swelling-related fluid. Acting together with the knitted fabric, the pad exercises an intermittent compression massage during movement. It improves the metabolism in the area, activates the muscles and improves coordination: AchilloTrain Pro is most effective for your recovery when you are active.

The material is softer and more elastic at the edges to prevent them from pinching when you are wearing the support. An expansion zone at the shin bone makes it easier to put on and take off. The AchilloTrain Pro is extra short in the foot area to prevent pressure on the 5th metatarsal bone. At the same time, the knitted fabric is so flat that you can wear the support under hosiery in comfortable shoes. This wearing comfort allows you to start physiotherapy and normal everyday activities early on: after all, being active is key to good health!


  • Achillodynia (tendonitis, paratendinitis, bursitis, e.g. in Haglund’s deformity)
  • Postoperative, e.g. of Achilles tendon ruptures

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