HIGHMOUNT Hus. S/AOC Large (60cm) UV Protect Automatic Folded Umbrella

HK$ 380.00

  • USD: US$48.85

在晴天和雨天使用,具有防水和防紫外線功能的全自動開關縮骨大雨傘 。8支強度加固傘骨,加強了防反功能。只有390g重量,方便攜帶。


HIGHMOUNT Hus. S/AOC Large (60cm) 防紫外光全自動縮骨大雨傘

  • 這款雨傘可在晴天和雨天使用,具有防水和防紫外線功能。下雨天可以當雨傘,晴天可以當陽傘
  • 可以用一隻手指指控制開關,方便攜帶大量行李的日子。
  • 雖然它是一把折疊傘,但它是開傘後105 cm的寬尺寸
  • 手柄的形狀易於抓握
  • 傘骨:8條,加強了防反功能
  • 防水處理/防紫外線 / 遮陽雨傘 / 自動開合式 3 級安全功能

尺寸: (未開傘前直徑): 約60cm
(開傘後直徑): 約105 cm
重量: 約390g
材質: 100% 聚酯纖維
特性: 三摺及8條傘骨



HIGHMOUNT Hus. S/AOC Large (60cm) UV Protect Automatic Folded Umbrella (Brown Camo)

  • This umbrella can be used on both sunny and rainy days with water repellent and UV protection. It can be used as a rain umbrella on rainy days and as a parasol on sunny days
  • Auto Open & Close: You can open and close the button with one finger, it is convenient for days with a lot of luggage
  • Large folding umbrella, it is a wide size of 41.3 inches (105 cm) in diameter
  • The handle is easy to grip
  • Strong wind resistance, not easy to break
  • Rain resistance/ UV protection / Safety function with automatic opening and closing 

Size: (before open): about 60cm
(after opening): about 105 cm
Weight: about 390g
Material  100% Polyester
Style: 3 section & 8 ribs

Before use, shake the umbrella gently to loosen the cloth
After use on rainy days, be sure to dry it in a dark place

Additional information

Weight .39 kg
Dimensions 34 cm

Black, Brown Camo


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