HIGHMOUNT Sandwich Maker – Double Half

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This Sandwich Maker can bake two folded sandwiches at the same time.

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HIGHMOUNT Sandwich Maker可以同一時間烘烤兩塊已對摺麵包的三文治機,省時方便。

它使用了導熱性極佳的材料,因此它會在大約 5 到 10 分鐘內烘烤。


尺寸:大約寬 150 x 長 340 x 厚 35 毫米
材料: 鋁壓鑄件、不銹鋼

* 不能與電磁爐和營火一起使用。
* 請與煤氣火一起使用

Highmount sandwich maker that can bake two folded sandwiches at the same time, saving time and convenience.

It uses materials that are extremely thermally conductive, so it bakes in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Since it is gas compatible, it can be used indoors for cooking, as well as when camping. Also, the sandwich maker is only 580g! Very lightweight.

[Item Specifications]
Dimensions: Approx. W 150 x D 340 x D 35mm
Weight: about 580 grams
Material: Aluminum, stainless steel

*Cannot be used with induction cooker and campfire.
* Please use with gas fire

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