Round Grip Gel (dia 5cm)

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– It can greatly relieve daily stress and strengthen your hands, forearms and fingers with simple exercise.
– Increase flexibility, improve strength, prevent stiffness, and relieve joint pain in your hand, wrist, and forearm.
– It also can help prevent mouse hand and reduces anxiety and increases blood flow and circulation throughout your hands, arms and fingers.
– Wide range of use – It would be a wonderful hand exerciser for people who often do typing, driving, writing, climbing job for long time, also workable and benefited for stroke rehab patient. With exercise and training, you will make gradual progress of finger for guitar, piano, violin and rock climbing.Nice training ball for hand injury.

– 一個手部治療用的擠壓球,可以大大緩解日常壓力,增強手、前臂和手指的力量。
– 增加柔韌性,提高力量,防止僵硬,緩解手、手腕和前臂的關節疼痛。
– 還可以幫助預防鼠標手,減少焦慮,增加整個手、手臂和手指的血液流動和循環
– 用途廣泛 – 對於經常從事打字、駕駛、寫作、攀岩工作的人來說,這將是一款美妙的手部鍛煉者,也適合中風康復患者。 透過運動與訓練,您將會逐漸提升吉他、鋼琴、小提琴和攀岩的手指。非常適合手部受傷的訓練球。

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Color: Red
Diameter: 5cm
Package: 1 pc

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