Bauerfeind ViscoPed Insoles

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Bauerfeind ViscoPed Insoles –  Made of 100% Silicone, best for redistribution of the pressure underneath the feet. Washable and durable

100% 矽膠製造,有效分散足底所承受的壓力。可洗滌,不會壓扁

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Bauerfeind ViscoPed Insoles  黏彈性足底矯形器在腳底疼痛的情況下,消除壓力峰值,並將它們擴散到更大的表面。透過特殊的軟墊,後跟和蹠骨也可以得到舒緩。 由腳掌、腳踝、以至膝蓋、臀部及脊柱都會受益於它的減震效果。 蹠骨後面的腳墊可以柔和地穩定扁平及寬大的足弓,它還增加了整個壓力表面,從而改善壓力分佈。 ViscoPed® 能夠完美適應腳掌和鞋形。採用優質矽膠製成,具有親膚、易清潔、特別耐用等特性。通風口設計確保雙腳長時間舒適。

Comfort for the entire foot The viscoelastic foot orthosis ViscoPed from Bauerfeind takes away typical pressure peaks in cases of pain on the sole of the foot and spreads them across a larger surface. The heel and metatarsal head are also relieved by extra soft special cushions. Not only the foot, but also the ankle, knee, hip, and spine will benefit from its shock-absorbing effect. With arch support The splay foot pad behind the metatarsal head gently stabilizes a flattened and widened transversal foot arch. It also increases the entire pressure-sensitive surface and therefore improves the distribution of pressure. Comfortable foot climate ViscoPed optimally adapts to the shape of the foot and shoe. The foot orthosis is made of high-quality silicone that is gentle on the skin, easy to clean, and particularly durable. Ventilation openings ensure a comfortable foot climate.

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