Parzt White Rigid Tape – 6 rolls Pack: 3.8cm x 10m

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Parzt White Rigid Tape – 3.8cm x 10m – 100% cotton & breathable material. Serrated edges for quick and easy hand tear. Hypoallergenic and latex free. Prefect for Immobilization of joints to prevent further injuries.

3.8cm x 10m 硬式支撐貼布 100%高品質棉材料,透氣舒適。貼布備有鋸齒狀邊緣,可快速輕鬆地用手撕開。低過敏性和無乳膠物料, 更能固定關節以防止進一步受傷。


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Parzt White Rigid Tape – 3.8cm x 10m is made of 100% cotton and has no elasticity. It is mainly used to fix the joints, provide support for the joints, and prevent joint injuries or reduce the severity of injuries.
Rigid tape is not specified for which kind of sports, and it is generally used for collision sports. For example, rugby, volleyball, football or basketball… It is suitable for fingers, wrists, knee joints, ankles, etc.

The reason for using a rigid tape because it is more protective than kinesiology Tape .For example, if athlete got injury a week ago, but the athlete will be a match today , the athlete can use a rigid tape to protect the joints from further injury,.
For another example, I saw that most football goalkeepers used rigid tape to wrap their hands around the joints, the purpose is to provide extra support and protection for the joints! It is important to know that the goalkeeper may have insufficient wrist strength when receiving the ball, causing the wrist to be bent back when receiving the ball. If the hands are not properly bandaged, the consequences may be very serious. Small ligament strains, large fractures or even broken bones. Therefore, professional goalkeepers will use hard tape to pierce their hands regardless of training or competition.


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Dimensions 10 × 3.8 cm



6 Roll


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