Perskindol – Cool Spray 250ml

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普施健凝凍噴霧 能迅速減輕因工作及運動而引致的肌肉緊張,給予冰涼暢感覺。

– 獨有配方,含薄荷油,冰涼感覺直達深層肌肉。
– 有效消除工作及運動後疲勞。
– 不油膩配方,不沾污衣服。
– 不含防腐劑。

– 每日數次,直接噴於患處上,最少應距離患處15厘米
– 只供外用,妥為貯存,避免兒童誤取。
– 產品改與眼睛及傷口接觸,如有剌激性反應,請即停止便用及延醫診治。
– 若用敷料遮蓋,應選用具透氣性的質料。 – 避免陽光直射,請存放於室溫15-25°C之地方。
– 切勿暴露於濕溫度50°C以上之地方。
– 切勿剌穿或燃壓縮瓶。
– 切勿向火種或易燃物體噴射。
– 如懷孕或授乳女士,使用前請先諮詢醫生或藥劑師意見。
到期日: 07 /2024
Perskindol – Cool Spray especially developed to provide quick cooling relief from work or sports.
– Cool immediately deep down
– Contains a natural cooling system in combination with Peppermint oil
– No pre-cooling is necessary
– Spray in short squints onto the affected area. Observe a minimum distance of 15cm
– Active ingredient per 1g: 1-Menthol 5mg
– Propellant: Propane/ Butane Dimethylether [Warnings]
– For external use only.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Avoid contact with eyes or open wounds.
– If irritation develops, discontinue use.
– If used in conjunction with compresses use only air-permeable material
– Store between 15-25°C. Do not use pour, spill, or store near heat or open flame.
– Consult your doctor or pharmacist before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
Made in Switzerland
Expiry Date: 07/2024

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