PÄRZT Hypoallergenic Fixing Tape 5cm x 10m (Roll)

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PÄRZT防過敏敷料固定貼用於保護皮膚免受其他捆紮繃帶的傷害。 這些固定貼上使用的粘合劑是低過敏性的,可以在其他捆紮繃帶下面使用,以降低皮膚愛刺激的風險。 在捆紮繃帶下使用時,它們還可以增加捆紮帶的附著力。


PÄRZT防過敏敷料固定貼用於保護皮膚免受其他捆紮繃帶的傷害。 這些固定貼上使用的粘合劑是低過敏性的,可以在其他捆紮繃帶下面使用,以降低皮膚愛刺激的風險。 在捆紮繃帶下使用時,它們還可以增加捆紮帶的附著力。

  • 低敏感度黏貼
  • 彈性力強、隨意裁剪
  • 安全透氣舒適、能有效固定
  • 適用於關節處,不會妨礙活動。
  • 即使貼在在膝蓋,亦能順應身體的自然曲線貼上
  • 適用於手術後之傷口護理
  • 固定各種傷口敷料墊
  • 亦適用於固定導管/ 針管位置
  • 5cm x 10m (卷裝)


PÄRZT Hypoallergenic Fixing Tape are used to provide protection to the skin from the other strapping tapes. The adhesive used on these tapes is hypo-allergenic, which means it reduces the risk of skin irritations when used underneath other strapping tapes. When used under tapes, they can also increase the adhesion of the strapping.

  • Polyester non-woven backing
  • Low allergy polyacrylate adhesive
  • Good initial and long term adhesion
  • Easily cut to required shape and size so no unecessary wastage
  • Transverse stretch provides excellent conformability, even on contoured body areas such as knee, elbow and shoulder
  • Complete primary dressing coverage reduces risk of contamination
  • Virtually painless removal without leave adhesive residue
  • Air and moisture vapour permeable
  • Fixation of instruments, probes and catheters
  • Particularly useful over joints and on extremeties
[Specification ]
  • 5cm x 10m (roll)


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Dimensions 6.9 × 7.5 cm



1 Roll


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