Parzt Elasticated Tubular Bandage

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PARZT 彈性管狀繃帶​適用於扭傷、拉傷、受傷關節或部青筋浮現等護理。

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彈性管狀承托繃帶, 提供充足承托, 符合國標準
使用簡便, 透氣和舒適, 能自由活動

不同尺碼可供選擇 (適用位置參考)

– 5cm x 10m 嬰兒的腳和手臂

– 6.25cm x 10m 較細手和手臂

– 6.75cm x 10m 中型手臂和較細小腳踝

– 7.5cm x 10m 較大手臂, 中型腳踝和較細小膝蓋

– 8.75cm x 10m 較大腳踝, 中型膝蓋和較細小大腿

– 10cm x 10m 較大膝蓋和中型大腿

– 12.5cm x 10m 較闊大腿


Parzt Elasticated Tubular Bandage provides adequate support and complies with national standards
Suitable for care of sprains, strains, injured joints or exposed veins

Suitable for joint injuries and after cast removal

Easy to use, breathable and comfortable, allows free movement

Indicated for orthopedic and vascular conditions, including the following conditions:

Soft tissue

Edema and joint discomfort

For use after plaster removal

Different sizes available

– 5cm x 10m Infant feet and arms
– 6.25cm x 10m Small hands and arms
– 6.75cm x 10m Medium arms and small ankles
– 7.5cm x 10m Large arms, medium ankles and small knees
– 8.75cm x 10m Large ankles, medium knees and small thighs
– 10cm x 10m Large knees and medium thighs
– 12.5cm x 10m Large thigh

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10cmx10m, 12.5cmx10m, 5cmx10m, 6.25cmx10m, 6.75cmx10m, 7.5cmx10m, 8.75cmx10m


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