Bauerfeind LumboLoc Back Brace

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Back orthosis for stabilization of the lumbar spine

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Bauerfeind LumboLoc

[Your helper to combat back pain]
Weakened torso muscles or age-related changes to the intervertebral discs can cause irritation in the area of the lumbar spine. Acute or even chronic back pain is the result. LumboLoc provides relief by powerfully enclosing the torso.

Its integral anatomically contoured corset stays help to straighten the lumbar spine. This alleviates back pain and releases tension. With its circular enclosure, LumboLoc supports the entire torso system. The firm, close-fitting knit creates slight resistance during movement and stimulates the stabilizing muscles.

[Fit again fast]
Several slim stainless steel stays in the area of the back help you adopt an anatomically correct posture. The orthotist can individually adjust its fit. With the Velcro strap fastening, you can decide for yourself how much stabilization your back needs.

The soft, thin and lightweight material sits comfortably and firmly against the body, without being particularly noticeable under the clothing. Easy to put on thanks to convenient hand straps and comfortable to wear, LumboLoc helps your body help itself. You can finally lead a more active life again. After all, particularly in case of back pain, being active is key to good health!


  • Lumbago with myostatic insufficiency
  • Irritation of the small intervertebral joints (facet syndrome)
  • Iliosacral joint irritations
  • Degenerative spinal changes
  • Low back pain
  • Intervertebral disc weakness
  • Minor postural disorders

需要長期坐著和站立工作、工作需要經常向前或向後彎腰、或者需要頻繁搬運重物、尤其是年屆30 – 50歲的男仕,特別容易患上腰椎間盤突需要長期坐著和站立工作、工作需要經常向前或向後彎腰、或者需要頻繁搬運重物、尤其是年屆30 – 50歲的男仕,特別容易患上腰椎間盤突出。



  • 三維針織面料均勻施壓腹腔, 穩定和放鬆下背部肌肉
  • S形支撐鋼片配合人體腰椎弧度而設,能輔助用者時刻保持良好姿勢
  • 在進行運動時有效控制腰椎並將疼痛降到最低

腰痛伴肌萎縮不全、腰背疼痛、急性扭傷、長期勞損 (椎間關節磨損、脊椎退化)

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