compression calf (neon pink) – pair pack. size: S/M

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  • When to wear compression calf tight – Wear it just before exercise for faster warm up; During exercise to prevent injuries of calf muscles; After exercise for faster recovery; During a long flight to relieve lower leg; When your job requires you to stand most of the time.
  • Anti-Odor Yarn – Air Covered Yarn (ACY) inherent silver micro particles maintains the natural balance of the skin and reducing unpleasant odors in the calf tight. Run longer and race more.
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric – Remains fresh and dry as sweat can be evaporated easily through the most advanced mix of intelligent polyamide yarn. Thermal Regulation is achieved as sweat evaporates quickly.
  • Special Design Ribbing Patterns – Front and back pattern designs to improve circulation of shine area and to provide ultimate support to calf muscles respectively against muscle vibrations & tears during exercise.
  • Breathable Comfort – Superior fabric with natural cotton touch for ultra-comfort.
  • 76% Nylon, 12% Lycra, 12% Anti-Odor Yarn
  • Ideal for nurses, food & beverages industry professionals, athletes.
  • 何時緊身壓縮小腿 – 在運動前佩戴以加快熱身;運動時防止小腿肌肉受傷;運動後恢復更快;在長途飛行中緩解小腿;當您的工作需要您大部分時間站立時。
  • 防臭紗線– 空氣包覆紗線(ACY) 固有的銀微粒可保持皮膚的自然平衡並減少小腿處的難聞氣味。跑得更長,比賽更多。
  • 吸濕排汗面料 – 保持清新乾爽,因為汗水可以通過最先進的智能聚酰胺紗線混合物輕鬆蒸發。隨著汗水的快速蒸發,熱量調節得以實現。
  • 特殊設計的羅紋圖案– 正面和背面圖案設計可改善光澤區域的循環,並分別為小腿肌肉提供終極支撐,以防止運動過程中的肌肉振動和撕裂。
  • 透氣舒適 – 優質面料,天然棉質觸感,帶來超舒適體驗。
  • 76% 尼龍, 12% 氨綸, 12% 防臭紗
  • 適合: 護士、食飲業人士、運動員.

Made in Taiwan/ 台灣製造

Wash your compression calf separately or with garments of the same colour in the washing machine under a temperature of 40 degrees. Please wash them on a gentle wash cycle. Use a simple colour detergent without brighteners. Never use fabric softeners. Spin your stockings at a maximum of 1,200 revolutions per minute. Let your stockings air-dry. Do not dry in a radiator or heater.

在洗衣機中在 40 度的溫度下單獨清洗您的壓力小腿套或與相同顏色的衣服一起清洗。 請以溫和洗衣機模式清洗。 使用不含增白劑的簡單顏色清潔劑。 切勿使用衣物柔順劑。 以最大每分鐘 1,200 轉的清洗速度旋清洗壓力小腿套。 請讓壓力小腿套自然晾乾。 請勿在散熱器或加熱器下晾乾。

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