Cohesive Tape (black) 5cm x 4.5m (Coban Tape) 自黏彈性繃帶

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PÄ Cohesive Tape – the versatile solution for support and compression during sports, workouts, and sports injury first aid. With its adhesive-free design, it ensures easy residue-free removal. Trust PÄ Cohesive Tape for stability and protection. Experience the difference now. PÄ 自黏彈性繃帶 – 多功能的支撐和壓縮解決方案,適用於運動、鍛煉和運動創傷急救。無需黏著劑的設計確保輕鬆使用。值得相信的穩定性和保護功能。立即體驗不同之處。

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Cohesive Tape (black) 5cm x 4.5m (Coban Tape)自黏彈性繃帶

  • Sticks to itself without the need for adhesive, pins or clips
  • Lightweight, porous and breathable
  • Supports, secures and protects sprains, strains, splints and compresses
  • Secures dressings
  • highly elastic multi-purpose
  • Individual pack for easy storage
  • First Aid kit essential
  • 不需要膠水、別針或夾子,能自行粘合。
  • 輕巧、透氣且透氣性好。
  • 支撐、固定和保護扭傷、拉傷、石膏和壓縮。
  • 固定敷料。
  • 高彈性, 多用途。
  • 獨立包裝,方便收納。
  • 急救包必備

– 無需使用扣針或釘扣即可自行黏貼
– 不需使用用剪刀可直接空手撕斷,包紮時不黏皮膚毛髮
– 輕盈、高透氣、柔軟、不易滑脫

– 固定及支撐扭傷或拉傷位置 (運動創傷急救)
– 預防扭傷
– 一般敷料的固定

PÄRZT ® – Cohesive Tape (Coban Tape)
Introducing Cohesive Tape. This high-quality Coban tape is a versatile and essential addition to your first aid kit. Designed for maximum comfort and flexibility, it provides excellent support and compression for joints, muscles, and ligaments during sports activities, workouts, or injury recovery. The cohesive nature of the tape eliminates the need for adhesive, ensuring easy and painless removal without leaving residue. Its durable and breathable material allows for extended wear without compromising mobility. Trust Cohesive Tape to provide the stability and protection you need for optimal performance and recovery.  Try it now!
介紹PÄ Cohesive Tape。這款高品質的Coban膠帶是急救包中多功能且必不可少的物品。設計以提供最大舒適度和靈活性,能夠在運動活動、鍛煉或傷病康復過程中為關節、肌肉和韌帶提供出色的支持和壓迫。膠帶的黏合性特點消除了對膠水的需求,確保輕鬆無痛地撕除而不留下殘留物。其耐用且透氣的材料能夠長時間佩戴而不影響活動性。相信PÄ Cohesive Tape能夠提供您所需的穩定性和保護,實現卓越的表現和康復。立即試用!

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