Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Brace

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Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Brace – Relief, stabilization and activation of the lumbar spine

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Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Brace

〔When your back is ailing you〕
Acute and chronic pain in the lumbar spine are a widespread ailment in today’s society. It’s hardly surprising that these complaints are often just lumped into “back pain”. However, the actual diagnoses can vary, ranging from degenerative changes in the lumbar spine to herniated discs. In many cases, conservative treatment with supports can help. Whatever the actual cause and the prescribed treatment, your back needs to move. The optimum effectiveness of LumboTrain can only be realized during movement. Then, the effective Train knit fabric stimulates the muscles with sensory stimuli, which reduces pain and improves movement patterns.

〔Fit again fast〕
LumboTrain promotes stabilization in an upright posture with its frictional connection and anatomical fit. In addition, a special triangular massage pad with 26 nubs positioned in the lower back area provides a pleasant intermittent compression massage. It alleviates lower back pain a targeted manner and counteracts tension.

The elastic, breathable knit fabric does not slip, dig in or feel sweaty. With tailored cuts for women and men, the support adapts perfectly to any body shape. Its slim design means it remains invisible under your clothes. This lets you move around freely in your everyday life again soon, and everyone knows being active is key to good health.
01 Reduced compression at the edges prevents constriction
02 Feathered edge on the abdominal fastening ensures wearing comfort when walking, standing and sitting down
03 Standard version and fitted cut for perfect fit with different body proportions
04 Practical hand straps and good elasticity make the support easy to put on with minimal effort and ensure an ideally snug fit with the body’s contours
05 Special high-low knitted fabric with breathable comfort zones increases skin contact for secure position and comprehensive stimulation of the body’s own stabilization process
06 Stabilization and relief of the lumbar region thanks to the straightening effect of circular compression and activation of the supporting torso muscles
07 Pain-relieving intermittent compression massage during movement thanks to stimulating knitted fabric and anatomically contoured lumbar pad featuring raised frictional nubs0

Main indications:
– Lumbago, sacroiliac joint dysfunction
– SIJD syndrome (acute) – Degeneration/muscular weakness in the spine (mild)

Additional indications:
– Conservative treatment following prolapse – Low back pain (Lumbago)
– Back Strain/Back Sprain
– Sciatica
– Lumbosacral Radiculitis
– Degenerative joint disease (arthritis, OA, RA)
– Lumbrisacral Muscular Instability
– Chronic postural disorders
– Bone formation disorders
– Minor instability of the lumbosacral spine
– Muscle strain
– Post Trauma Care
– Decompression Therapy



1. 減壓邊 – 確保舒適貼合,不回縮。
2. 無剛性部件 – 不會導致背部或腹部肌肉像在使用剛性支架時那樣弱化。柔軟但堅固的支撐能夠提供穩定作用,但也支持進行全方位的活動。
3. 緊固件和手帶 – 可調節式,易於穿戴和脫卸,即使腰椎退行性骨關節炎患者亦可輕鬆使用。
4. 柔軟的針織面料 – 透氣性材料排出體液,均勻施壓,貼合體形。
5. 訓練用三維活動針織料消除腰椎壓力,溫和拉直腰椎。 6. 三角緩衝墊 – 在運動過程中支撐背部,提供按摩效果,減輕疼痛。

〔主要功用〕 –

– 護具中的三角形按摩墊可以為腰部肌肉提供刺激性的按摩效果,能夠消除肌肉緊張,緩腰背疼痛 .


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