Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Brace

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AchilloTrain is an ankle brace.  It has built-in paddings running along the achilles tendon and on heel area.  It is a compression brace in blue grey color.  Each box has one ankle brace and a separate heel pad for another foot to balance height difference.

AchilloTrain size available: size 1 to size 6.  Measure circumference just above malleolus.  AchilloTrain is left and right side specific.


Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Brace

[How to beat Achilles tendon pain]
Pain is frequently triggered by irritation in the Achilles tendon. This could be caused by excessive strain, injuries or impaired recovery after surgery. But a pump bump on the heel bone can also provoke complaints.

Here, the AchilloTrain provides relief. It consists of a breathable, skin-friendly Train knitted fabric with high elasticity that precisely adapts to the shape of your ankle and follows every movement of the foot without slipping. The material is softer and more elastic at the edges to prevent them from pinching when you are wearing the support. The AchilloTrain is therefore particularly pleasant to wear

[Fit again fast]
The integrated heel cushion relieves the tendon. It is also easy to remove if you do not need it. But if you do use the cushion, you should also wear the supplied compensating cushion in your other shoe. The prevents misalignment and inappropriate mechanical stress.

AchilloTrain is most effective for your recovery when you move your joint. Together with the elastic knitted fabric, a pad on both sides of the Achilles tendon exercises a gentle intermittent compression massage. This actively stimulates the muscles and improves coordination. It also improves metabolism in this area and promotes the reduction of swelling.

Your AchilloTrain has a flat design meaning you can wear it under hosiery in comfortable shoes. This allows you to start physiotherapy and normal everyday activities early on: after all, being active is key to good health!

– Achillodynia (paratendinitis, tendinitis, Achilles bursitis e.g. in Haglund’s deformity)
– Follow-up treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures
– Heel Pain that cannot relief with insoles
– Heel Pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis

[Terms and Conditions]
This product(s) only ship to Hong Kong

[Instruction for Use]

*Due to hygiene issues, this product is not eligible for a refund OR return* (except any defection or damage of the product confirmed by Femco)

跟腱 (阿基里斯腱)是位於小腿後側的肌腱。是人體中最粗壯有力的肌腱。AchilloTrain®於不干擾您日常活動的情況下,有效舒緩由跟腱壓力過大或跟腱手術而引起的跟腱發炎或疼痛。

– 跟腱部嵌入符合人體構造的弧形襯墊,可以為跟腱附近的肌肉提供按摩,並刺激周圍肌肉群
– 緩解跟腱並減輕急性疼痛
– 讓腫脹更快消退
– 為腳踝提供更大的穩定性




*基於衛生問題,此產品不設退款或退貨* (經Femco確認產品質量有問題除外)

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